Anna Teague

St. Paul's Preschool teacher Anna Teague

Anna Teague

What education, training, credentials and life experience do you have that help you in your work with preschoolers?

Hundreds of hours of continuing education hours focused on infants. Several workshops led by authorities in their field on pertinent subjects like brain development, speech. North Carolina Credentials 1 and 2. Most important: 4 children, 1 step-child, and a grandchild! New lessons every day!

What year did you join the Preschool staff?


What class are you teaching this year?

Infant Bluebirds

What do you consider to be your hometown?

Winston Salem

What are your most important teaching goals for the children in your class?

I believe it’s important to understand what makes the child comfortable in the classroom before he or she can learn anything. At this age, trusting a new caregiver is the first goal and then to start interacting with classmates.

What do you like most about your job?

I love being with babies! They are so fresh from God! My co-workers are wonderful and have become family. The flexibility of using PTO days and the freedom to make the best choices for the classroom are key.