Jessica Cervantes

Jessica Cervantes

What year did you join the Preschool staff? 2019

What class are you teaching this year? Toddler Doodlebugs

What do you consider to be your hometown? Graham, NC

What education, training, credentials and life experience do you have that helps you in your work with pre-schoolers?
I have my credentials and other trainings. I also nanny for two children that go to St. Paul’s preschool. I worked at a preschool before.

What are your most important teaching goals for the children in your class?
I would like to be able to teach the children to be their own person, to be independent. That’s it’s okay to be unique. I want them to grow into respectful young adults.

What do you like most about your job?
I like to watch how much the children grow and how much they learn as they move forward.