Leslie Eaton

St. Paul's Preschool teacher Leslie Eaton

Leslie Eaton

What education, training, credentials and life experience do you have that help you in your work with preschoolers?

I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a BA in Graphic Design & Illustration. My enthusiasm for visual arts acts as a bridge. Each day students eagerly gather around the art table to individually express themselves through art. During the process of creating, children share their interests and stories about their art. This is a magical opportunity for me to see through a child’s eyes. This connection helps me teach to an individual’s needs.

What year did you join the Preschool staff?


What class are you teaching this year?

Readiness Explorers

What do you consider to be your hometown?

Rich Creek, Virginia

What are your most important teaching goals for the children in your class?

My most important goal is to nurture each child’s natural enthusiasm for learning. Strengthen Social Skills: Respect for others and self, and integrity. Naturally l want each child in Readiness to acquire the skills to confidently approach new situations both academically and socially. To recognize their letters and gain an understanding of phonetics, along with patterns, shapes, numbers, spatial relationships; all the while, developing fine and gross motor skills along with incredible social skills. But instilling a passion for learning, becomes a quest for a lifetime of learning.

What do you like most about your job?

Helping a child accomplish a challenge and sharing the “Yay, I did it!” moment. As a teacher, I influence a child’s opportunity to have a good day of learning, or a ho-hum day. I want every day to be a day filled with curiosity and accomplishment.