Extracurricular Classes

Optional extracurricular classes are available for three-, four- and five-year-olds who remain after class for LunchBunch.
These classes are offered to enrolled preschoolers on the Preschool grounds by individual teachers and instructors from outside organizations. Parents arrange and pay for extracurricular classes directly with the instructor.

Children’s Yoga

Yoga for children builds on preschoolers’ natural abilities and interests while helping them develop strength, flexibility and a sense of well-being.  Yoga students use their imaginations, play, get excited and calm down during each class.  Practicing yoga and relaxation can help children improve concentration, patience, focus and self-esteem.

Cooking with Kids

In the LunchBunch cooking class, students mix, stir, measure and pour their way into the world of cooking.  In the process of preparing  a variety of child-friendly dishes, students learn food preparation terminology, the mathematics of measurement and the rudimentary chemistry of mixing up and cooking delicious, healthful treats.

Soccer Shots

Soccer Shots is a high-energy program that teaches the fundamentals of soccer to children ages two to eight. Each LunchBunch session is led by a trained coach in the Preschool playground. While learning the fundamentals of soccer in a non-competitive environment, participating preschoolers develop strength, balance, coordination, agility and character.

Little Leapers

Movement to music and use of props offer a fun and imaginative introduction to dance. Students will learn to recognize rhythm, shape and dynamics while learning to move and count. Each class is a valuable experience of self-expression and interaction with others.