For 3-Year-Olds

At St. Paul’s Preschool, our Three Year Old Program’s primary goal is to help children learn about life, explore the world around them, and embrace a lifelong love of learning. Our teacher/student ratio for our three-year-old classrooms are 2:15.

We provide a creative, fun and nurturing environment, individualizing and giving each child the self-confidence to explore new learning opportunities.

We believe play is the language of children and our play based curriculum, incorporates the seasons, where we may talk about leaves and apples in the fall, hibernating animals in the winter, or blooming flowers in the spring. We include art, music and movement, reading, manipulatives, snack, calendar, circle and outside time. We incorporate letters (including their sounds), numbers, and counting into our activities as well. Class parties help us celebrate birthdays and holidays, and we even enjoy an occasional field trip!

In addition, to negotiate through the preschool years and beyond, we strive to teach students important skills such as:

  • The ability to focus, listen, and learn new concepts.
  • Develop compassion, patience, and respect for others.
  • Independence in age appropriate tasks (i.e. hanging backpacks, washing hands, putting on coats.)
  • Master age appropriate gross and fine motor skills.
  • Interact with peers and solve conflicts in an appropriate manner.